Let's meetup, network, and discuss what we are doing in Real estate investing.

Feel free to ask questions at any time!

This month, our meetup will have two excellent speakers teaching an introduction to commercial real estate and discussing examples of real commercial properties in the GTA.

Our first speaker:

Come and hear from Claude Boiron (he’s not just my brother… he’s also the author of several books, and teaches the course he developed at UofT) for an introduction to Commercial Real Estate, and learn:

- Which are the different Commercial Real Estate asset classes?

- What are the major differences between Residential and Commercial Real Estate (pros and cons)?

- What is a cap rate, and how do you calculate and use it to evaluate income producing properties.

For more on Claude, visit www.linkedin.com/in/claudeboiron

Our second speaker:

Ryan DeLaurentis is the CEO of Delaurentis Capital Investments (DCI). DCI is a cash flow focused investment firm specializing in small multi-family properties.

Ryan will bring a current real world approach to his presentation and show our members what the current landscape is like for multi family properties in the GTA, what deals can be had, and how to re-position properties to cash flow.

If we have time, we will have round table discussions. We will leave the room by 9pm, and for those who wish to continue discussions on a more informal level, we will be going next door for a drink and real estate talk.

Bring your business cards and network, and let's share some contacts and discuss our investment strategies.