Oklahoma City Deal Maker Session

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  • 01/08/18 07:00PM - 08:30PM America/Chicago
  • The Tower Hotel, 3233 Northwest Expressway Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
  • Free

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WHOLESALERS! BRING YOUR NON MLS DEALS!.... We are local real estate investors who meet monthly and share wholesale deals with each other. Come find EXCLUSIVE real estate properties that are NOT marketed on the MLS. Come Network with Real Estate Investors, Brokers, Agents, Lenders, Joint Venture Partners, Money Partners, Wholesalers, Landlords, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and other like-minded people. Please introduce yourselves to the event organizers and bring plenty of business cards.

I am headed out to OKC Jan 10th to look at properties.  Would have liked to join your deal maker session if I could make it a few days earlier.  I am looking for a duplex, triplex or 4 unit that I can owner occupy (house hack) in midtown Oklahoma City or adjacent areas.  I have flipped a few properties in California in the past but now looking to buy and hold.  Planning on moving back to my hometown and out of pricey Orange County, CA.

How was the Deal Maker Session? I had a prior meeting that went over time and couldn't make it. :(

When and where are these meet-ups?

Originally posted by @Kim Knaust :

JJ Gritts - can you provide details of these meetings, please?

Check out the latest post for the February meeting. 


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