Brie Schmidt - Speaking at The Chicago REIA

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  • 02/12/18 06:00PM - 09:00PM America/Chicago
  • Holiday Inn and Suites, 506 W Harrison Street Chicago, Illinois 60607
  • Free

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Property Stacking is all about building Critical Mass. At this meeting we will cover the art and science behind accumulating a large portfolio of properties. Wholesales and Flips can make you anywhere from $200,000 - $1,000,000 per year. The day you stop working your income goes to zero. It’s a job where the harder you work and the harder you run, the more money you can make. Assuming the market conditions cooperate.

On the other hand Rental properties that are paid off is ultimate wealth. It’s a wealth that keeps on giving month, after month, after month. Whether you are in Chicago or traveling around the world. Property stacking is about buying 5 properties with in 2 years and paying them all off in 7.


Brie started purchasing investment properties in 2011 when she founded BBS Apartments. She currently owns and manages 90+ rental units in Chicago and Milwaukee. Brie is the Managing Broker of Second City Real Estate, a full service brokerage working with new investors and seasoned investors looking to expand their knowledge of the industry and their portfolio.

Brie utilizes her extensive knowledge of building and managing a portfolio to teach clients about all aspects of buy and hold investing. Brie teaches you how to analyze potential properties, how to calculate your ROI, best practices when marketing and leasing your rental property and how to be a landlord and build a portfolio. Brie's job does not end when you close on a property; she is always available to help you throughout the process and scale your business. At this meeting we will cover the following
1. Building a million dollar portfolio in 2 years or less
2. How to scale up at a fast pace starting with very little money or credit
3. Strategies to find business partner to help you grow
4. How to present your number and figures so others want to be a part of your business
5. How to buy low rehab right and get your deal refinanced
6. How to do proper due diligence?
7. How to get ready for the closing?
8. 5 critical steps before you ever go to a closing
9. Understanding the Closing/HUD statement
10. How much do you actually pay for each service at the closing
11. Do you know what your attorney is charging when you order title?
12. Cost when buying a property and selling a property and how to save thousands of dollars.


REMINDER: Downtown
Monday, February 12th- 6:30pm (Check-In / Networking starts at 6:00pm)
Building a Million Dollar Portfolio
Holiday Inn & Suites
506 W. Harrison Street, Chicago, IL 60607 Downtown is a subgroup of the largest Real Estate Investors Association in Chicago. The best part is that we are #1 in terms of member productivity. Attendance at the ChicagoREIA subchapter meeting is FREE.

At our goal is to Listen, Learn, Share, Grow and Leave The World A Better Place Than We Found It.



Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at the Chicago REIA - Check in starts at 6pm

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