East Bay Investment Meet Up

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  • 02/24/18 02:00PM - 03:30PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Back Patio of McGuire Real Estate, 2991 College Avenue Berkeley, California 94705
  • Free

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Get 2018 off to a good start with this opportunity to network and discuss RE Investment strategies.  Newbies are absolutely welcome and I'm hoping that #Chris Mason will be able to attend and give us a 5 minute update on where loans are headed later in 2018.  As always, I'll have some talking points to present if needed but am planning to just let the room network and discuss strategies, successes, and challenges organically.

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Thanks Kevin, I'll look forward to meeting you and Michael!

Thanks, @Stefan Isaksen .

I guess I'll do a summary of 2017 guideline changes (basically "things you may read on BP from >1 year ago that are no longer accurate") including LLC changes, Bitcoin-as-assets for the cryptocurrency folks, and RSUs-as-income for the tech folks. I'll be talking at 200 words a minute to cram it into 5 minutes. :P

Thanks @Chris Mason!  It's always great to have you there just to answer general loan questions too :-)  I'd definitely like to hear your take on cryptocurrency, I want nothing to do with them personally but they're becoming more and more relevant.

If I am back in town I would like to attend.  Is this open to other licensees as well?  Thanks.

I am a newbie and would love to attend this meetup.

Hi @Stefan Isaksen , I'm looking forward to attending this weekend & would like to introduce myself.  I'll be taking my license exam in April and looking to get in to property management and multi-family investing.

@Nick Carrel Nice to make your acquaintance... I look forward to seeing you in person on Saturday.

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