Bend - Sunriver, La Pine, Sisters, Redmond- Central Oregon Meetup

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  • 04/05/18 05:30PM - 07:30PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Old Mill Level 2, 360 SW Powerhouse Dr, Suite 210 Bend, OR Bend, Oregon 97707
  • Free

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Meetup for BP members in the Central Oregon areas. Come network and let's help each other out, see what others are doing, and have some fun! Though we don't have a scheduled speaker at this meetup, if there's interest, I'll share with you how BP has helped us in our business, as I know many of you want to know different ways to utilize BP yourselves. 

Event is free, however; restaurant requests that we have a $300 minimum on drinks/food therefore; please support the business if you're able. Let's try to get over 20 people attending and it's very reasonable!! 

It would be great if we can keep this space for regular meetings. Thank you to @Karen T. for finding the space and reserving it. Hope to see everyone there. 

Thanks for organizing @Karen T.. Where can we advertise this to make sure we get ~20 people to join? 

I just got back into town, and see we don't have many people signed up for this. We need to make a call if we are going to make it or not as there's a minimum order amount @Karen T. was asked for. Please respond on this Event page if you are planning to attend. THANK YOU. 

@Eric Bilderback @Alison Fountain @Brooke Garcia @Grayson Graham @Glynn Griffith @Grant Hamlin

@Erik Hammagren @Eric Haug @Teal Horsman @Natalie Kolodij @Adriel Liwag @Amanda M Laird

@Ian Saingarm @Rob Schumacher @Eric Shaver @Paul Singer @Jessica Swagerty @Karen T. @Allen Tucker @Jacob Wathen @Mary White @Ian Berg

I might be late..... picking up an exchange student Thursday afternoon at the airport.  

I think a lower amount may be ok....they will just talk to us about doing it there again if we don’t meet that.  Since I just reserved it last week though I think it will be fine whatever we long as we order and tip well so they like us (: 

I will be there and I think I recruited some more at last night's BING meet up! 

Darn it I teach a class at COCC tues/thurs eves, I'll make the next one!


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