PRICE: $25 at the door $20 Presale


LOCATION: THE POINT 830 S. Sepulveda, Suite 200, El Segundo CA 90245

6:30 - Networking - The Point
7:15 - Introductions
7:25 - Panel discussions - Fixing and Flipping
9:00 - Networking - The Point


Matt Theriault - Epic Real Estate

Matt Theriault is a USMC “Desert Storm” Veteran and accomplished real estate investor and coach. After building his own cash flowing real estate portfolio over the last 5 years, he’s enjoying his financial independence, continues to build his portfolio and has discovered a new passion for creating systems and showing others how to replicate his results.

You will find that his approach to real estate investing is conservative, simple, to the point and efficient. Matt credits his success to performing as much, if not more, due diligence on his real estate team as he does the market and properties themselves.

Mercedes Torres - Cash Flow Savvy

Mercedes Torres is an accomplished real estate investor with a portfolio of 90+ income generating properties. She continues to strategically build her passive income portfolio as Co-Founder of CashFlow Savvy, a turnkey investing company based out of Southern California. CashFlow Savvy focuses on helping other investors to build financial freedom through turnkey real estate.

Mercedes, a graduate of UCLA, brings a banking and finance background to Cash Flow Savvy. While providing a relentless passion for client service her focus is to help clients build passive income through real estate investing. Those that know Mercedes recognize her exceptional talent for building relationships and creating win/win solutions for all. Her enthusiasm and generosity of spirit lends itself as an “unfair advantage” to Cash Flow Savvy’s ability to acquire deeply discounted and undervalued assets while giving investors large margins for profit. She is the driving force behind Cash Flow Savvy and a primary reason that investors are lining up to do turnkey business.

Janet and Larry French

After having our asses handed to us in the downturn, Janet and Larry started purchasing properties in the Coachella Valley the correct & safe way in 2008 and have since become known as Palm Springs area experts.
At the beginning of our journey, our goal was to buy rental properties to generate enough cash flow so that we weren’t stressed out each month or have to get a job. We first began by flipping houses but keeping as
many as we could that made cash flow sense. Over time, our goal has become to create enough passive cash flow each month to give us the freedom to travel the world.

David Coe

Mathew Owens