Let's face it, while tax liens are a nice way to get a strong return supported by the government (and backed by real estate), most real estate investors are working deal to deal.

Whether you're looking to wholesale deals, fix and flip, develop raw land, buy and hold, whatever your preferred strategy, understanding tax investing can greatly expand your market and your horizons.

When you attend this workshop you'll learn. . .

  • Property acquisition through tax deeds (not liens)
  • How to acquire properties for pennies on the dollar
  • How to expand your marketplace
  • And, when you're able to acquire property so inexpensively (as low as 10% ARV or less!) you can get very creative with your exit strategies.

    Join us on August 11 and see if it doesn't change the way you do business forever, opening up your eyes to a whole new way of finding deals, and changing your life!

    MAREIA Members: $29.00
    Future Members: $49.00