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*To sign up for the most up to date updates, navigate to our website at http://wrprei.wdequities.com and fill out the contact us form. Make sure to include a WhatsApp enabled number.*

- This Thursday, 8/23, at 8:00pm we will have our next meetup.

- Location is the Wolfe residence, at 6645 N California Ave, Apt 103, Chicago, IL 60645.

- I tagged along with a fellow member of this group in the viewing of a house, then crunching of the numbers, and then the making of an offer to a real-life flipping or buy and hold lead. I intend to print some material out so we can actively analyze the details surrounding the property at

the meetup!

- Emphasis will be on professional networking at this meetup.

Welcome again to all of our new members! Thank you for your continued attendance, to our members. And of course, thanks to all those who have helped us along the way!

Don’t forget to invite your friends and acquaintances! #REIMeetup #wrpREI



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