Houston real estate investor monthly breakfast

Wholesaling is one of the absolute best ways to kick off a career in real estate investing. When doing a wholesale deal, you get a property under contract at a discount. Then, you assign (transfer) your interest in the contract to another buyer and get PAID!

This weekend, at the RICH general meeting and Trade Show, we will be presenting WHOLESALE DEALS LIVE! You will hear from real-life wholesalers just how they got started in this profitable niche. There will also be real live DEALS presented that are available to BUY!

Come for the training and have a chance to leave with a deal! At this event, you will learn how it is possible to locate, assess and negotiate for wholesale deals, right here in Houston!

***SPECIAL BONUS: Linda, The Foreclosure Queen, Muscarello will be giving you the exact Assignment Contract you can use to wholesale a deal*.**

Pre-register here:  https://richclub.org/event/generalmeetingoctober2018/