New Jersey FIRE: Let's reach financial independence

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  • 12/19/18 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/New_York
  • Park in the parking lot across the corner of the street., 11 Hardenberg St New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
  • Free

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There is a new American dream, one where you’re not sitting in that job you hate for the next 40 years! Learn to become financially independent. Learn to be free! Time is our most valuable resource, so claim back the best years of our lives!

Consider this your personal invitation to join the New Jersey FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) starters. This meetup is focused purely on financial independence. We go through topics such as: travel rewards through credit cards, best frugal tactics, debt repayment, retirement, index investing, real estate, and many other cool life hacks.

This meetup is a designed to bring members of the FIRE community together. We want to bring likeminded individuals together to have open discussion as well as to provide an environment that is focused on sharing.

We are located at: 11 Hardenberg St. New Brunswick, NJ 08901 (it is a house that has been converted for commercial use). You will be able to park in the parking lot down and across the street from the house we'll be meeting in.

Do not park in the parking lot directly in front of the house. The gates will close. Click HERE ( for a map - the star indicates where you should park

Planning to go

Hey with the meetup less than a week away. I wanted to share a big win with the community. I recently learned that I can open up an HSA (even though I already have an HRA). HSA offer the triple tax advantage. No tax going in, while growing, or coming out.  

Did you guys hear about robinhood? They're moving into the checking/savings account game and offering 3% annual returns on all accounts.

I read they're not FDIC insured though. (not yet at least) but are SIPC insured.

Interested in what you all think about this? Certainly excited to have someone coming in and at least making your traditional bank compete.

@Bruno Barros So I looked into this as well. I'm considering making the switch when it comes out in 2019. However, I'm thinking the other online banks will respond. I wouldn't be surprised if Ally, Marcus, etc. jumped their rates up by 0.25%+ in order to compete. I read a little bit about SPIC insured and it seems pretty legit. 

@Marcus Lawson, considering it as well but just like you I have a feeling banks will jump their rates to compete. I bank with Alliant (Credit Union) and their rates pretty much match or beat Ally. Currently seeing 2 or 2.1% not sure. 

Did read that Robinhood immediately ran into some issues because apparently they made this announcement without letting the SPIC know and they're saying that the non brokerage accounts may not be insured. Lets see how things go. Regardless I would say it's good news.

Just wanted to thank everyone who attended the event. Combined with the Facebook group there was 22ppl total. Excellent start for an excellent meetup. Will update the group once we figure out the next date! The FIRE has started!

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