Bridge Real Estate Investing Meetup MARCH

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  • 03/19/19 06:00PM - 09:00AM America/Chicago
  • 10000 Marshall Dr Lenexa, Kansas 66215
  • $15

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First, 6pm ... COME and connect with HUNDREDS of investors locally in the Kansas City area. Enjoy appetizers on us, order a drink or two from our BARTENDERS, connect with our incredibly talented Partners and Mentors who are here to help you in your business.

Then, 7pm ... We have one of the baddest $%@ Sales trainers in the WORLD coming to speak to US!

Yes. His name is John Martinez. He has helped people grow their businesses. Our team at Bridge has personally gone to his team for training, and we also know him and call him a friend and colleague in the real estate world.


Please spend THOUSANDS of dollars to come see and learn from John.

This is a night NOT to miss.

Meeting Details:
- Only $100 FOR THE YEAR to join!
- Business and Mentor Partnerships available as well!

This address shows me a plexpod building. Is this where this event is held?

Nathan, how often do you meet ups? 

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