The Wegmans corporate office has changed its policy and we can no longer have our meeting in the eating area. We have secured the meeting room at Giant supermarket in Bowie.

The meeting room is above the flower shop. As you are facing the Giant park near the doors to the left. The flower shop is just inside the doors and then go up the stairs or take the elevator up to the second floor. Also, we will be doing a Zoom session for those who want to attend the meeting remotely.

If you are familiar with Gary Keller’s book Millionaire Real Estate Investor, then you know the four stages:

Stage One: Think a million

Stage Two: Buy a million

Stage Three: Own a million

Stage Four: Receive a million

This group is moving towards Stage Four. This is a free meetup that is open to anyone who wants to network and discuss all forms of real estate investing. This is an ongoing monthly meetup in Prince Georges County Maryland but has members from around the DMV area. We are investors with an interest in real estate investing in-state or out of state. This group is based on democracy so everyone has an equal vote on how this group is run. I live in Bowie Maryland and I have a rentals in Silver Spring Maryland, Alabama, and Vermont.

Darrell Bratton

240 281 1508