H.I.T.(Houston Investment Team) Houston's Inner Loop B.P. Meet Up

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  • 04/24/19 06:00PM - 07:30PM America/Chicago
  • Frontier Title Company, 1177 West Loop South, Suite 1350 Houston, Texas 77027
  • Free

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H.I.T (Houston Investment Team) is a central (inner loop) meet up for Houston Texas. The name H.I.T. was born out of the foundational idea that Bigger Pockets promotes and that is being helpful to one another and being a "team" to each other as we embark on or further our real estate investment journey.

This meet up is for distinguished investor and the newbie as we all have things to gain and learn from each other.

You will NOT want to miss the opportunity to learn from Kevin Wood and Matt Baker of WoodBaker, LLC. WoodBaker LLC specializes in buying and repositioning Houston area multifamily properties. Founded in 2015, WoodBaker now owns 72 doors. We close deals as quickly and efficiently as possible. They specialize in distressed which need extensive remodels. We have completed over $1,500,000 in contracting work - including major foundation settlement, structural changes, plumbing, electrical, and complete interior and exterior updates. The bigger the job the better!

Come learn from these seasoned pros and get the experience and knowledge you can use and find out what to avoid if this is your niche or future endeavor. 

I'm excited to share these guys with you. They have been very helpful and beneficial to me and many of my clients.

Share in the comments if you plan to attend so I can get a good head count.

To building the best version of yourself...

Hi Matthew, I'd like to attend.  I'm trying to make arrangements for a babysitter.  I am also hoping to bring a friend along.  Thanks for creating this space.

Hi Matt, I would like to attend. I am in the area this week and not normally from Texas. Is there parking at the event?

Thanks in Advance!


Perfect, I look forward to meeting folks tommorrow then.


Sounds great, I'll be coming from the other side of the city and traffic is always fun around that part of the 610 loop.  I'll be there no later than 6:15!

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