Sean Wilder started in the pre-foreclosure business in 2007. Previously he enjoyed successful businesses in the transportation industry, real estate investing and as a licensed Realtor. Sean brought the same determination and work ethic that lead to great success in his previous businesses to Loss Mit Services based in East Windsor, CT. His focus, combined with his drive to succeed, have been essential to his success as the area's top short sale negotiator.

Known for finding creative ways to overcome hurdles and never ending persistence; Sean, believes in the power of team. Sean and his team of 7 are in the trenches everyday, plowing through challenges and objections while negotiating with various lenders, and finding solutions to difficult problems. It is this daily experience that brings Loss Mit Services consistent success and provides them the knowledge to share.

Sean belongs to a number of industry groups and associations that allow him to collaborate, share, learn, teach and stay updated on the latest changes in the pre-foreclosure industry at the federal, state, local and lender specific levels.