Our past RE! 101 events this year have covered topics like Intro to Landlording, Intro to Flipping, Intro to the Creative Side of Real Estate, etc. For August, we will be discussing how to determine which exit strategy to use. Sometimes it's not so cut and dry on which one to go with and which might be the best route.
Interested in learning about this either for yourself or for your clients? Come join us!
We will be in the back side room on the parking lot side since there are multiple side rooms in that restaurant. We do encourage you to order something to eat and to bring something to take notes if that is helpful for you.
Interested in learning more about investing in real estate? We invite you for this “lunch and learn” type of setting. This will be an informal but educational based meet up that will reoccur once a month to cover an array of general topics that you would face in the real estate investing world. Come stop in on your lunch break and order some yummy food while you get a chance to learn and meet others.
New and experienced investors are welcomed to attend as well as agents looking to learn on behalf of their role in the industry. This event is FREE to attend thanks our amazing sponsors! So no worries, we aren’t looking to sell you anything just wanting to do deals. 😉
Actually, all of our events each month (we have more than just this one) are FREE to attend thanks to our amazing local sp onsors. You can find out more about our local sponsors here: www.lanorthshorereia. com/our-s ponsors. They are great resources for those looking to take action either by finding properties, getting a loan, insurance, a good contractor, etc.