Stanislaus County Investors Meetup

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  • 11/14/19 06:30PM - 08:30PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Conference room, 220 Standiford Ave, #A Modesto, California 95350
  • Free

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@Elian Stuff Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, it is impossible to pick a day that works for everyone. If you ever want to start your own meetup, I would be happy to share some pointers with you on how I got this one started. 

@Andrew Narsi The next meetup will be Jan 9th at 6:30pm. I will post the details on BP under Network>Events. I have a meeting with my co-host next week so we will be finalizing all the details for next year. 

HI All

Jan 9 is my work day, I cant go,  too much traffic from San Jose, about 2+hrs each way, when it rains, its 3hrs each way.

It would be cool if you can record it on the iPhone.  audio only and post it,  

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