Finding Deals: Wholesaling, Auctions and MLS. real world examples

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  • 11/21/19 07:00PM - 09:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Intero Real Estate Office in Pleasanton, 5960 Stoneridge Dr, Ste 101 Pleasanton, California 94566
  • Free

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Please join us for an informative meetup where we discuss the actions we are doing to find, buy and sell properties

We focus on actions and systems that you should do in order to get a steady flow of investing opportunities. 2 active investors discuss their working strategies and how you can start finding deals right now.

Niko Thyllen brings a spirited twist to property renovation. His keen vision for growth and opportunity has paved a path for success in the real estate industry. He is a Bay Area, California native who understands the market on an unparalleled level. Niko oversees the acquisition and resale of projects. He also plays a key role in the oversight of projects.

- How to find leads
- How to negotiate deals
- How to find buyers for the deals
- Successful Deal Examples

Matt Dunlap has years of real estate investing experience in the Bay Area. Matt will discuss their 3 active projects which were acquired from and the MLS.

- Daily actions for finding deals
- How to analyze a possible investment - Do this everyday for practice!
- Examples of hard money loans that we used to acquire the properties

I just changed the location to the Intero Real Estate Office in Pleasanton:
5960 Stoneridge Dr, Ste 101, Pleasanton, CA 94588

We will be providing pizza and drinks.

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