In January we filled up our training on how to buy your first, second, or third property. We had a great turn out and great learning. We also got great feedback which is leading us to do this training. We went too deep into some things for people who were wanting to just buy their first property and then we ran out of time in explaining some of the more simple things for new investors. So we are splitting up this training into 2 days. The first day, Friday, February 28, we will go over the steps in getting your first, second, or third property for people who are more new to real estate. On Saturday, February 29, we will go over more advanced strategies, such as how to set up direct to seller marketing, how to do seller financing and "subject to", and how to set up a lease options.

This training is not just a lecture. It is not a sit in your seat all day, listen to a speaker, and then return home with a couple of new thoughts or ideas. This training is a training of action. After each section of learning there will be tasks to complete that will help you develop the actual skills in investing in real estate. This is what sets us apart from any other training. These action steps that are completed during the training are the same steps that you will take when you buy under market deals and start building a real estate portfolio. During the training, deals found that day will be analyzed, actual offers will be made, resource lists of wholesalers, contractors, lenders, other investors, and realtors will be created and contacted.

In this training you will learn, practice, and do the following steps:


  • 1. Setting up an LLC
  • 2. Finding below market value real estate deals 
  • 3. Analyzing the numbers to find out if it is a good deal or not
  • 4. How to get short term and long term funding to buy properties
  • 5. Finding handymen or contractors and estimating rehab costs
  • 6. How to make offers on properties by yourself
  • 7. How to connect everyone together to get the property purchased, rehabbed, and rented
  • 8. How to market your property
  • 9. How to screen and manage tenants


  • 1. How to do Direct to Seller Marketing
  • 2. How to Negotiate deals with sellers
  • 3. How to set up Seller Financing
  • 4. How to set up a "Subject to" deal
  • 5. The ins and outs of setting up lease options

Because these are full day events, there is a cost to the training. The cost is $150 per person for 1 day (either day) or $250 for 2 people. Or $225 for both days for 1 person or $400 for both days for 2 people (lunch will be provided). The group is limited to up to 20 people so you will want to register sooner rather than later to make sure you get a seat.

To sign up for the event, call our assistant Yvette at 602-918-2906.

What to bring:

  • Your phone with a hotspot for your computer
  • Laptop computer with the program Excel or its equivalent
  • Pen and paper
  • A willingness to step out of your comfort zone

This training may be the cheapest, most in-depth training on how to take action in investing in single family real estate that you will ever attend. By attending this training and continuing to take the same actions that you learn in this training, you will be able to analyze deals, make offers, buy properties under market value, and increase your net worth each time you buy a property.

There is be a money back guarantee. If you participate in the learning and take the actions steps during the training and you don’t feel you got out of the training your money’s worth, we will refund the cost of the training.

Remember that it is limited to only 20 people so call and sign up ASAP to ensure you get a spot.