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Set your real estate investing goals with an Olympian!

This event is VIRTUAL!

Hello! My name is Breeja Larson, and I'm an Olympic Gold Medalist for Team USA! I have been a professional swimmer for six years and traveled the world competing with and against the best athletes in history. I went to Texas A&M and received my undergrad degree in Psychology and my Masters in Sports Management. I currently training for the 2021 Olympics Games and I also mentor young athletes and act as a motivational consultant with various business professionals. It is my passion to teach new and creative ways to build and maintain an Olympian mentality. Through my different mental tools and frameworks, anyone in any occupation can create an Olympian mentality to set and accomplish their goals! I would love it if you joined in on a session!

You'll receive an email from me asking what you'd most like out of my session. Please let me know:) My mission is to help you create strong goals for yourself and help you set yourself up with a solid mental game plan for achieving them. I will teach you techniques on how to train your brain to create an Olympian mindset. I can tell you inspirational stories from my own career and the careers of my teammates, and I would love to hear your own. We will work together so you end feeling inspired to achieve your goals. This session would work best if you come with some goals to work on with the new tools and frameworks!

Instagram (IG): @BreejaLarson
Twitter: @BreejaLarson

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