Have you wanted to learn how to Flip Houses? Come out and see how our partner program can help you get started the right way!

If you live here in Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa, or surrounding areas and are interested in getting started Flipping Real Estate or taking your current business to the next level and then this is for you!

Come check out a project we are actively working on! Let us take you through the rehab and purchase of this beautiful Flip! We will talk you through the budget and time frame this Rehab will take, as well as the before pictures! We will also let you see what we look at when evaluating a property, and how we budget when we walk a deal.

This deal is one of our partner's first flips! We are excited to have him as he has only been in investment real estate for less than a year! We actually meet Chris at an event similar to this one!

Here is a little bit about how he was able to secure this deal.
"The seller contacted me from a Facebook ad and said she wanted to sell her house. Her motivation was that her youngest granddaughter had recently moved to Georgia with her family and she wanted to be closer. I asked her if she had an idea of the value of her house and she said her daughter-in-law, who is a realtor in Georgia had given her a number. I made an appointment to see the house and brought some comps which were lower than what her daughter-in-law had come up with. I told her what I thought ARV should be after the house was updated, which she knew had to be done. She also said that she understood that we had to make a profit as well.

I called Paul and we discussed it and we came up with a number. I called her with the offer and she didn't seem upset, but neither did she jump at it and emailed her the contract for her to sign digitally. I told her that we might be able to do a bit better once the house was inspected. I didn't hear back from her and couldn't seem to get a hold of her so I upped my offer $5,000 and sent her a contract. She called me and said she was up in Georgia house hunting. I asked her if she accepted the new offer and she said yes, signed the contract, and sent it back.

Then I had to get the ex-husband to sign, but as he didn't have a computer available, so I printed the contract and had him sign in person."

You will have the opportunity to see what we see when checking out potential deals and projects! See what you can do with an "ugly" Flip with a little vision and elbow grease! Bring your questions!

This is an active rehab so please dress accordingly. Ballgowns and tuxes will not impress this gutted home!

Please let us know you are coming by reserving your Free Ticket!!