Let's try this one again...

Calling all newbie investors in Tucson, AZ! If you're currently wanting to get in on the action of real estate investing right here in the Old Pueblo but simply didn't know where to start, consider yourself invited to the December meetup of the Tucson chapter of the New Investors Subgroup of AZREIA: the Arizona Real Estate Investor's Association.

This month we are returning to basics: Why Start Now? & How to Select Your Niche/Strategy. This is the foundation piece: why now is now is the best time to get started building wealth through real estate, as well as establishing what we buy and why: I'll be sharing a few resources to help you decide these things for yourself.

Register here via AZRIEA's Event Calendar

Now that I am feeling better and have been permitted to break quarantine, I'm looking forward to returning for our 2nd iteration of the "Virtual & In-Person" hybrid meeting; you are welcome to join us in person at the Keller Williams Office near River/Campbell, or from the comfort of your own home or office via Zoom.com. Either way, please pre-register so we can have an idea of the head-count for social distancing purposes.

Tucson AZREIA New Investor Subgroup's vision is to get new investors into action: saving capital, learning the market and doing deals. To support you along the way meetings will include presentations on topics relating to the new investor, collaborative breakout sessions to network with your peers, and a platform to crowd-source input from other newbie investors about deals you're doing or problems you encounter on your journey into REI.

Please do note these meetings are not instructional: we are not presenting a step-by-step model on how to invest in real estate and we will not actively direct you on the path we (in any general sense) deem the best path for you. This is a chance to learn, talk with and get to know other investors around town.