New Haven County BP Meet-up: 2021 Outcomes

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  • 02/04/21 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/New_York
  • 470 James St New Haven, Connecticut 06513
  • Free

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Alright BP folks,

2020 is not so long gone yet, but I know my mind is deep into 2021 already and I'm sure yours is too..

**Selfishly.. I want to hijack this meet-up for January and encourage all attendees to organize your goals, desired outcomes, questions about goal-planning and organization and bring them Jan 4 at 6pm to our usual location.  I will share my "Outcomes" worksheet (that I created and use every year) for you to take *and use, as well as additional resources to help clarify your vision, lay a foundation for success, and nudge you towards your desired outcomes.

I've been obsessed with understanding health, and life optimization for a while now.. (mainly starting in 2009) and I want this meeting to focus around helping everyone else in this group to do the same, and to help you get what you're working towards in 2021. 

For a little background, one of my yearly outcomes from my worksheet was to start and run a New Haven county BP meet-up (which I had procrastinated for a few years already..) In 2021, one of my yearly outcomes is to take this meet-up from strictly a networking event, and push it towards a high-value event where we can gather monthly, and leave with massive value, and actionable tips. 

If this interests you, join us Jan 4, I'll share some resources I've found helpful in my life, some experiences I've had, answer as many questions I can, and will also dish out plenty of bro-science in an effort to help you. ;)

If you can't make the meet-up or are being cautious with COVID, don't hesitate to message me directly with your questions.. or just to introduce yourself.

Hope to see the rest of you Jan 4!

I apologize for the late notice but I found out yesterday I had been in close contact with 2 people who tested positive for COVID so I'm getting tested Sunday and will move this meet-up to next month. Same time, place, and same topic if you're all still interested in this subject.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience,

Have a good week and great start to 2021



There is no need to apologize, safety is first at all times. Stay safe and hope you and your family have a great 2021 start. I look forward to meeting with all of you attending next month. Please do connect with me and lets have discussions, I am itching to discuss deals and plans.



**Update** Based on the expected weather I want to give everyone an early heads up that I'll be moving this meet-up again unfortunately. We often have a few people driving 30-40 minutes to make it and we want to accommodate as many people as possible. I will update this thread and change the date shortly, I'm anticipating to move to this coming Thursday 2/4 as that looks like the best day for now. 

I'm sorry to make the change, I hope we can still all get together soon!

Wanted to send the final update on this thread lol, This meet-up is still on tonight, same place, same time, and will continue each month going forward. BP didn't update this date but I will be there tonight.

**Please DM me your email, or share your email to this thread if you can't make it tonight and you would still like access to several resources I created, and use for goal setting, daily planning, and for learning more about how to optimize my life in general. 

I will gladly share you a link so you can save, edit, and use these however you would like.

The rest of you, I hope we can catch up tonight or next month