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Hi, I love this new section. I wanted to know how to market leads for vacation rental owners. Because of my job, I get a lot of people asking for short and vacation rentals in the South Florida area. I also have many looking for Vacation Rentals in Cuba. I'm new to this amazing forum and I would like to get some advice of how to best use all those potential customers. Thank you,


@Zuzana V.

 I am very familiar with the short-term / vacation rentals zoning and best places/building to invest. I myself personally have purchased 5 different short-term vacation rental properties this year alone through an excellent agent here in Miami Beach. I sent you a message.  

@David Ocon, how are you able to get financing on so many in 1yr?  I just put an offer on one & will be awaiting the banks decision on a commercial loan.  We've done other business with him before but this idea is new to him.  We shot some numbers over to him so we'll see.


My name is Luis Fuentes and last week I bought my first apartment in Havana Cuba.

I live in Miami Florida and I already know how the real estate market works in Cuba and I am already planning to buy the second rental unit.

If someone wants further information about investing in real estate in Cuba dont hesitate to contact me.

@David O. Hi David, in what areas did you bought your 5 units? and what is your occupancy rate so far? could you please send me your agent contact as well, I'd love to connect with him

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