Seeking Potential Partner

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I'm looking for a potential partner (NOT an investor), preferably someone with a very strong RE finance/legal and/or internet travel/hospitality background with good communication skills seeking to capitalize on the VR market. I've got a few possible game-changer ideas, or in some cases have identified gaps that could possibly be pursued through new solutions. Ideas are in the following areas of VR:

1. Working with hotels

2. Partnerships with developers

3. Assisting beginner type investors in VR properties

My background is I'm an owner of VR's, have a partner that I've worked with on some deals who owns one of the largest contractor/developer businesses in the States for single-family homes and condos. We've purchased land in resort communities, built the homes and I manage the property (and marketing). We have experience with single-family VR's valued between $500k and $2.5M.

I'm looking for someone with an appetite for pursuing something major, and  able to kick the tires on some of these ideas or others, and possibly make a go of it. Depending on the idea, investors may or may not need to be involved.

My current partner may/may not be involved due to obligations with current business, and whether his company could contribute to success of concept.

I just joined the forum, so I don't know if I need to include my email, or if you can PM me on here but if someone is interested in chatting, please let me know.