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HI Leigh,

I'm Nick, one of the co-founders of Smart Host. Curt is correct with our pricing. Smart Host costs $19/month per property.

Happy to answer other questions you may have, including showing you a live demo with one of your rentals.

Hi, @Nick Persico ! I'm not sure that Smarthost will be helpful for me, because it seems to me that there aren't any comps. We purchased a cute tiny house (sleeps 2) that we plan to set up as a rental at our Christmas tree farm in Manvel, TX.  There are tons of properties less than 20 miles from us, in Houston, but they are in the city and close to things.  We're in the country and close to nothing.  Because of this, we're unsure of pricing and what kind of occupancy to anticipate.  Help me understand how Smarthost could be helpful for a property like ours.

Hi @Leigh Ann Smith - In short, I agree with your assessment. Our product and model for pricing heavily relies on Comps. Since you're in a rural area with not a lot of similar rentals on HomeAway (I only see 9 in the Pearland/Manvel area), it makes it difficult for us to add value. I'd also agree that rentals in Houston don't compete with yours. It's a totally different value to a guest.

With your type of property, it probably makes the most sense to market your property through more traditional channels. Where would guests coming to your property come from? Advertise to them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google Ads for folks out of those areas with your own website. There are plenty of solutions that can help you with that (I suggest MyVR).

I'm not sure channels like HomeAway or Airbnb will have guests searching for your area. However, I'm not familiar with your market so my advice may be incorrect.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help and best of luck!

I appreciate your insights, @Nick Persico !  One thing we do have going for us is our farm.  It's a choose and cut Christmas tree farm, and we have 1,000+ families here every year who will see the tiny house. We can put up some signs or pass out flyers to them.  We also have about 2,000 Facebook fans, most of whom are local, so we could do Facebook advertising to them and to their friends. That would be very inexpensive.

I appreciate the MyVR recommendation. I'm new at this, and was only familiar with VRBO and AirBNB.  I'll check into that!

I did the Smarthost Demo today and loved the concept enough to sign up my properties.  I'm not sure it will help me a ton to start but the data they are getting is great and I want to support their effort.   Everyone with a VR should demo and consider signing up hopefully @Nick Persico will lock in good pricing for the early adopters