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My office manager is having trouble figuring out how we can use our rental agreement on VRBO and Airbnb. We have had a couple of chargebacks with credit cards over the past 2 years and we've lost them because we don't have signed rental agreements. How do you go about getting these signed as a condition of accepting the guests stay?

Hi @Kevin Boyd ,

Both sites allow you to upload an online agreement and guests are "required" to check that they've agreed to the terms of the agreement before they are allowed to proceed to book online.

However, because I suspect many people do not even look at the rental agreement when they book online (and I want to be sure they understand the terms of my agreement) I require all of my guests to sign a personalized version for their booking.

In my "House Rules" on each site's listing I've included this requirement:

  • Must be willing to sign a copy of our rental agreement & provide a copy of your valid ID

After they've made their payment to confirm the booking I collect their email address from them (in the case of an Airbnb booking since their personal email address is not provided) and I send the rental agreement to them directly.

I hope this helps!


I automate everything, making it as easy as possible for guests to book, and even easier for me to handle the booking. I can't imagine trying to get people to actually 'sign' a rental agreement.

As Valerie stated, both VRBO and AirBNB allow you to upload a rental agreement and require that it be accepted in order for someone to book with you. I'm not a lawyer (and you probably should consult with one), but I imagine that if this is worded properly it would be plenty of ammo to keep someone from being able to reverse a credit card charge.

However, I would first be asking myself 'Why are people reversing charges for staying at my rental(s)?', and fix whatever was causing that issue.

@Kevin Boyd

It's really very simple. All sites can have you upload your agreement and right at the top ours say:

When agreeing to rent this property you agree to these terms and conditions. Your payment is acceptance and you have agreed to this contractual agreement. 

The ones that do the charge backs are pros. That's why we only rent to those with active recent reviews with ID. We have not experienced a charge back issue in the last 10 years. 

Best Regards,


Thanks for your replies. I just called Airbnb and was told there is not a way to upload a rental agreement. I insisted that this was an option, but the rep I spoke with was pretty adamant that it couldn't be done.

My rental agreement is like this:

We meet face to face when I show the property.

I tell them it is $xxx dollars per week.

You pay for a week when you move in, and then every week thereafter.  Last week is prorated for days stayed.

No inside furniture outside, I will get a ticket.

No parking on the front lawn, you will get a ticket.

No stray animals allowed inside, you will get fleas.

Take the trash dumpster to the curb on the collection day.

That's it.

We shake hands, exchange money and receipts. I give them the keys.

@Kevin Boyd and others, I am confused: how can you get charge backs? The payment transaction is not between you and the guest. Is it because they are not satisfied with the service and they get charge back from airbnb/vrbo ? If so how can "your" signed agreement help? There is already strong language in the airbnb/vrbo terms of service not allowing the refund. So I assume when they get a charge back (and I do believe as  

@Eric A. mentioned there are pros of charge backs), they have enough good reasons for their financial institution or bank to present the charge back to airbnb/vrbo and win the case. I don't see how even an inked signature can help in such a case.

I have never had any charge back either, in 2+ years of STR.

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