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I am looking to revamp my vacation rentals. I'm purchasing all new kitchenware, etc. I'm am also looking to make all the bedsheets, etc. pretty uniform. I have a total of 16 beds. Does anyone have a recommendation for good, durable, low cost sheets, pillows, etc.?

I generally buy my things from Walmart. 82 beds is my total. I buy 2 types of pillows, one standard and one oversize. As far as sheets go, I don't buy the cheap one. I buy the 2nd cheapest ones that WalMart has. If I'm starting with a bare mattress, I buy the 2 pillows, a mattress pad cover, and a "bed in a bag" package. Try to get the same pattern or color of linens, that way sheets and pillow covers can be swapped. Don't buy white, for obvious reasons. These are not VR's, they are STR's for travelling workers.

When we first started vacation rentals, I had the same question, so I went on a Google quest.  Eventually, I settled on these (in the link below), and I like them.  Here is a picture of one of our beds . . . the sheets are basically wrinkle-free, and I love that.  And while Paul says he has a bunch of traveling workers, our guests visit for leisure, and white sheets are important for most people.  If I went to a hotel that didn't have white sheets, I'd wonder if they were really clean.  White "screams" clean and kept and freshly laundered, and you can just tell by looking at them without wondering what someone is hiding.  Also, bleach works wonders.   :)

https://www.thedistinguishedguest.com/collections/... (link to the sheets we use)

We buy most of our supplies from SAMs Club. There is a SAMs Club in each city where my VRs are located so that makes it easy to re-stock if necessary each time we go.

I use 600 thread count white sheets from SAMs ($79.99/set.) They wash up well and are very substantial and comfortable. 

I buy toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, laundry detergent & dryer sheets, dishwasher soap pods, liquid dish soap, coffee packets, sheets, pillows, bath towels, washcloths & hand towels from SAMs. I've also bought sets of pans and stainless steel silverware for the kitchen. Once in a while they have some nice blankets that I'll pick up for the beds, too, when I find them. We buy Vizio TVs from SAMs for our VRs. 

My entire ski condo is decked out in Ikea - including the furniture, mattress, plates, silverware, etc.

They are geniuses at creating decent looking stuff for half the price you'd pay elsewhere. Given the wear & tear from constant short term rentals it's all held up well and even if it does get damaged I'm happy to replace it as needed.

@Kevin Boyd we use several sources for linens. Believe it or not going to your local Bed Bath and Beyond or other like store and talking to the manager can be a homerun. They may want to get out of a discontinued product or out of business provider and make you a deal that is out of this world. We outfitted several places for 10 cents on the dollar doing this. 

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Do you have a business center Costco nearby?  They are more focused to the hospitality industry, and have decent prices on linens, irons, coffee makers -- and other hotel room type supplies.

I get flat sheets fitted and pillowcases at amazon. I use the microfiber ones. Cleaning supplies at costco and towels at walmart. I get a ton of people that take sheets and towels so I am constantly replacing them.

We have many different sized beds (king, queen, cal king, full, twin, etc.) in any given house, so no fitted sheets, triple-sheeting with flat sheets.  I have been buying from a smaller hotel supply company but am thinking we need to step up quality a bit (they are slightly scratchy especially before they have been washed a few times).  If anyone has a lead on an inexpensive quality flat sheet, I'd consider buying a few hundred and re-outfitting our nicer homes with them.

Amazon.  Almost everything via Amazon.

I completely agree with @Jen Faulkner . The hotel industry literally did this research for us. Buy white linens! Don't reinvent the wheel here.

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