Short term rental cleaning charges

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Hi BP community!

Would like to get a prospective on how much your cleaning service charges after each guest stay. I am getting rates at $200 for a 4br/2ba 1300 sq ft detached house (maximum 8 guests). 

Thanks for the response.


Deep cleaning?  you supply material? Window cleaning?

$350-$500 is more like it.

Rate varies in different cities.

While the cost in Bay Area is $350 to $500, cost in Las Vegas is $150 to $250.

Hope someone from your same area can answer your question.

I pay  $60 per cleaning to an individual that I found and interviewed off Craig's list. She washes all sheets and towels and makes beds.

We have 5 beds in our 2 story 3 bed, 2 bath, 1700 st lake house.

She also takes all the trash as we don't have trash pickup.

Have had numerous people say how clean the house is.

I just text her when I need house cleaned.

If you pay a service you minimize your risk while paying for all the overhead.

I got lucky finding a responsible person who does a great job for a great price.

I don't charge tenants any sort of cleaning deposit or cleaning fee.  I figure if we did, they would make sure we earn it.  Most of them leave the places reasonable clean, or not too messy.

The lady that cleans my STRs used to do it for free.  Now she takes a portion of the rent, whenever and however much she sees fit.

But, she also sleeps with me.

Thanks everyone for the comments. @Paul- sounds like you have an unfair advantage 😀

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