Vacation Rentals in the Yosemite Area

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Please share your experience running a vacation rental in the Yosemite Area.  I am looking into towns such as Sonora and Mariposa because they are the closest towns right before the park from my location.  I read discussions on Mammoth Lake and Big Bear, but no threads on Yosemite.  

How many bedrooms is your VR?  Your occupancy rate during peak and slow times.  How difficult is it to find cleaners and handyman in your area?

Thanks for sharing.

I believe Oakhurst is the primary VR "capital" of Yosemite, though I'm sure a VR could do nicely in Mariposa or Sonora.  I don't have any properties in those markets, however, so I can't speak to your specific questions.  I'd expect summer to be peak, winter to be low season (especially since so much of the park is closed off), but if you are willing to adjust your rates you can get good traction year-round.  

I say just go to homeaway and find out whats avail during those times.. I do that for Disney over here in Florida

My mom runs an Air BnB 15 miles north of Mariposa. She is booked virtually non-stop in the summer months. Most of her guests are international (which is pretty cool). Because she is 15 miles north, and out of the way she has only sporadic guests in the colder months. I believe that if she were in Mariposa or Midpines she could be booked more consistently and charge higher rates. I believe that Oakhurst is a good option as well, but will have similar constraints.

There is a very small labor pool, and also impoverished people problems in Mariposa i.e. drugs, reliability issues etc. There is a huge demand for local rentals and not enough available. Maybe there is a way to leverage this if you have a multi unit property, you could have a live-in groundskeeper who helps with your BnB cleaning etc and provides year round rental income? Just an idea.

This question is asked on this forum twice a week with random markets. Your best bet is to go on AirBnB and study your neighbors incessantly. The chances you’ll find someone on here in that market aren’t good. And even if you do it’ll just be one person. But they will all be in AirBnB/VRBO!

Thanks for all the replies.  I figure the winter season is not too busy in the yosemite area since there are no ski resorts and there are park and road closures.

Yes, my best bet is probably to ask the hosts directly on airbnb in an area I am interested in.

I live in Yosemite National Park and grew up in Sonora. There are several options, Yosemite West is a private property area within the park boundary that you might want to consider looking into. Also, check Groveland which is a bigger gateway town than Oakhurst, you can look up the entrance gate car numbers year to year online. Sonora has a lot to offer other than Yosemite and would rent better year round than groveland. If you have any more questions feel free to private message me. Good luck.

I live near Tuolumne City. Which is along the HWY 108 Corridor. HWY 120, which isnt to far away, will take you to Yosemite. I know a couple people who have Air BnB rentals in the Sonora and Tuolumne City area who get a lot of guest traveling to yosemite. They get Yosemite visitors during the summer and during the winter they get some visitors for Dodge Ridge Ski Resort. Pine Mountain Lake in Groveland is also nice, just remember to include HOA fees in your analysis. Best of luck.

Hi Bob, not sure if you’re still looking for the area. I am a Realtor in Mariposa and work with a lot of vacation rentals in both Mariposa and Oakhurst. The market is fantastic over here usually starting right after memorial weekend carrying on until Labor Day weekend . It does slow down during the winter months but still active. Feel free to message me anytime to chat some more about the market over here if you’re still interested.

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