Anyone ever use RV space for Short Term Rental?

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Has anyone ever bought an RV lot at a resort to rent out nightly or weekly? I am curious if it is worth the investment. This is, admittedly, a half-baked idea. However, it seems like in the right situation, it could possibly pay off.  I am looking at possibly buying a lot for around 25k-30k at a popular lakeside resort near Branson, Mo. The lots rent out for $60-$90 per night, which is pricey, but they have tons of amenities like clubhouse, pool, minigolf, boat storage and ramp, social events, etc, and cater to a high-end RV crowd. No tents, canvas/hybrids, or anything shorter than 27'. 

Any experience to share? 

I tried it with a 5th wheel camper.  Total failure.  I was able to sell the camper for exactly what I paid for it.

I thought about putting a camper on it, but that seemed like a lot of work. I was just going to rent the site out. It looks like the resort has management in place and I'm sure they take a large piece. However, it would be an incredibly passive endeavour with no turn over action needed. 


It’s good to see someone on here from B’ville. I miss that area like you can’t believe. My wife and I are actually trying to move back. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

As far as your idea goes, if I’m understanding it correctly, you have located an RV community that essentially sells RV lots instead of renting them. Your idea is to purchase a lot and rent it out to transient RV travelers through the area. Almost like a VRBO except you would bring your own house.

On the surface this sounds like it would be reasonable but I would ask how you plan to market the concept to your customers. As a fellow RV’er, when I am traveling and need a RV campsite, I google RV camp grounds. I have never come across the concept you are mentioning.

I am not saying it won’t work. I am just suggesting that you consider all the angles before moving in it. I don’t want to see a fellow Arkansan get hurt.

Also, please send a colleague request to me. As mentioned above, I want to move back. Part of my plan to get back is based on REI. Maybe we could discuss doing a couple of joint ventures.

Lacy, I've been interested in this idea for a while also. Here's my two cents: 1. Very few reputable RV parks allow owners of sites to rent them out to non family. Probably a liability thing. 2. The reputable RV parks that do allow short term rentals, charge a management fee to manage the site since it is assumed you (the owner) are not going to be there very often. As they should. 3. As with any investment, it comes down to the numbers. If you can find a reputable park that provides legitimate management services for a reasonable fee, and can also provide rental history so you study the analytics, and the return on your investment is worth it, go for it!