Very specific cleaning questions

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We have an Airbnb, it's a small, basic 1-bed studio on our property, and has been doing great since we started last year.  Guests are mostly singles and a few couples.  We do allow pets with approval.

I often have random specific cleaning questions that pop into my head, and thought it would be great to start a thread for any of those.  I'm sure other people have them too.

Here's a couple:

1.  How often do you wash comforters?  I don't want to wash them between every guest, it would double the laundry and it's wear and tear on the comforter.  What is standard for hotels when it comes to comforters?  

2.  What about pillows?  Do you wash those periodically?  We have anti-allergy covers on ours, which keeps them pretty clean.  

3.  How much toilet paper do you leave in the unit, and is it based on the number of guests or length of upcoming stay?

4.  How deep do you clean between guests?  How often do you clean baseboards, inside fridge, blinds, etc?

@Tandi H.

Here are answers based on our Vrbo:

1.We have extra sets and can rotate them but about every 2 weeks give or take.

2. About twice a year. We also have the anti-allergy covers.

3. We just stock the shelf. maybe 12 rolls in each bathroom. 

4. The summer is busy with people checking in and out on same day. Deep clean a couple times a year. Dust every time, clean fridge every time, baseboards are as needed but a spring/fall cleaning item.

@John Underwood  Thanks John!  OK, then it sounds like I'm in line with what you do.  I just wasn't sure what is expected with comforters...if we have a pet I always change it afterwards, but otherwise just about every couple weeks like you said.  

I'm still really curious about what hotels do with washing probably depends on the chain and quality, but I wonder...not sure that I want to find out though!

1.  We wash comforters after every stay.  Every stay is between 2 weeks and 4 months.  My renters are travelling refinery contractors.

2. We throw away pillows when they look dirty and buy new from WalMart.

3. 4 rolls for every commode.  It's up to them to buy more when they run out.  2 rolls of paper towels in the kitchen.  1 towel for every bed, plus a few extra.  

4.  We clean deep enough between rentals that there is no dirt, cobwebs or dust on anything.  I spot clean with a carpet shampooer.  It also depends how deep we clean on the patina of the house.  We have upper management level houses and field worker level houses.

1. We use duvets over the comforters and wash the duvets every time.

2. Replace when worn. No washing.

3. One on the roll, one extra in the closet. More downstairs.

4. Our cleaner is pretty thorough each time so it doesn't ever get dirty enough to need a deep clean.

I've heard hotels only wash 2-3 times a year, which is horrifying.