My unit is on Accuweather

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I guess that's a plus?  Is he renting it?

I have people staying at my Vrbo that are evacuating from the hurricane. Had people last year too that came up.

I guess people could stay at a cheaper place that wasn't one a lake but chose to stay someplace nicer with their family. Like a mint vacation for them. Last year the people returned to their home with no damage. You can't be too careful when they say evacuate.

Yes, he and the cameraman overnighted with us, on the way to Nassau.  I searched for his videos and saw our boarded up house.

This post won’t have the same draw as some other “movies” filmed in a vacation rental. :D

I had a porn movie shot at my 3 story house about 6 years ago.  "Snow White and the 11 Pipefitters".