Any STR host in Indianapolis?

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Hey there,

I am coming to Indianapolis for work, and to begin looking at properties for our real estate investments. I usually book 30-40 properties a year directly through Airbnb but figured I’d post on here for once to see if any other fellow BP members would have a property available for me to book before just booking traditionally like I do through the platform.

I’ll be looking for a 4-5Br that sleeps 5 comfortably. (Hope this is allowed or in the right place, if not let me know)

Try looking on Craigslist.  You seem like a smart person and have probably already done that.

Hi @Nick Black , I will say that I don’t rent to anyone I don’t know or haven’t rented to before outside of the sites.

It is too much of a crap shoot as to whether or not they suck as guests. I vet each and every guest before accepting their booking.

Now as I we grow, I plan on taking reservations through our website but I am going to require people to accept the insurance to cover damage. I still need to figure out that part.

That is just me.

We have 20 listings on airbnb. What dates are you planning to head this way?  Id be happy to help anyway possible.  Feel free to reach out with any questions I may be able to help with.