Short-Term/Vacation Rental Management Co.

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I'm currently looking to invest in a home as a short-term/vacation rental property. I'm looking at properties in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee. I'm not local to that area & was wondering if anyone could suggest a good management company in the area. Thanks!

@Clinton Titlow . Hello! You’re looking for @averycarl she’s top dog.

As far as management, if you hire a PM, any PM, you won’t get much of a return. This generally holds true for any market.

If one must use a PM (High level executive working 80 hours per week that just wants a home in the mountains for example) we recommend TurnKey or Evolve. The locals charge 30-40% and they don’t even use Airbnb. And the good news is, they’re you’re competition. Stay away from mom and pops.

Self management around here is easy. And no you don’t have to change sheets from halfway around the world. You hire someone to do it for you!

I’ve got 5 cabins in the market. 13 doors in other markets. All of which are self managed. I have a family. A day job. I’ve run 24 full marathons. I eat lightning and crap thunder.

Happy to help just ask away.

Isn't there a lot of oil and gas work going on around Odessa?  I've met some people that worked in that area and they said a cheap motel room was $200 a night.  Their company pays for the motel room.  What if you bought a house in Odessa, furnished it, put the utilities in your name, decorate it like Hugh Heffner is going to stay there, then rent it out to the people doing the oil and gas work?  I think they are called "contractors" but what do I know.

I totally agree. The worst decision is trying to buy something a thousand miles away because you're convinced that's how to make money. Keep it nearby.

Hey @Clinton Titlow , I agree with @Lucas Carl and @John Underwood . We self manage our vacation home from about 7 hours away. It’s isn’t a cakewalk but it ain’t rocket surgery.

Rely on Avery Carl to help find the place and get rolling. We are looking in the same area now to get a feel and there are a lot of resources to self manage.

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@Paul Sandhu housing is extremely volatile out here. I'd rather not have rely on something as up and down as the oilfield.

I rely on a refinery to bring in contractors to do short term maintenance and construction work at the facility. The contractors are the people that stay in my STRs. I have 23 of them, 83 beds total. If it's volatile for you, it's volatile for me. If I wasn't making money, I would not have started STR #2 through #23.

@Clinton Titlow Yes, it’s very feast or famine out there in the Permian. My home town is in the heart of the Eagle Ford and I’ve watched things change literally overnight with the fluctuating price of oil. My husband works in oil & gas and we got into real estate investing as a means to no longer rely on it.

I purchased a cabin from @Avery Carl in April in Sevierville and couldn’t be happier! I self manage from all over the US while traveling with my husband. You will be in great hands with them! Best of luck!