STR Tenant Verification

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What kind of verifications do you require from your STR tenants before they stay? I'm talking about people who booked via Airbnb, VRBO, etc... Do you request that the tenants send you a copy of their driver's license? Do you request their email address and phone number? Do you require the tenants to sign a separate STR lease even if they booked via Airbnb, VRBO, etc?

You can make them upload their drivers license before they can book on Airbnb but you don’t get to see it. Makes sense. Would they even want you to know their home address? Would you want them to know yours? I let Airbnb do their job. 

You can upload a rental agreement to vrbo and it’ll be attached to every confirmed booking. 

Airbnb put it in your house rules. 

And of course talk to your attorney. 

I give them a 10 panel drug screen.  Cocaine, marijuana, meth, meth alt, opiates, opiates alt, benzodiazepams, methadone, pcp, barbitcurates. 

Hey @Mark Miles . I vet each and every guest. I do not auto book anyone. The first thing I do if they book is to say thanks and what brings you to the lake? Is it a special occasion or just vacation? Have you been here before? Are you bringing a dog?

If I get a response, then I pick a bit more then book them. I have gotten about 10 bogus requests in the last 10 years and this weeds those out asap. I am a Premier VRBO/HomeAway member so I get to see their phone number so I can see if things jive.

It is always a risk when you allow perfect strangers into your rental, but that is the business. 

@Mark Miles hey those are great questions for sure. I know a lot about Airbnb as I am an ambassador for them. But Airbnb does a pretty good job getting the info from guest, when you have Insta book on make sure you say cant' book unless verified and DL. If they guest has never booked and has zero reviews make sure to just ask them a handful of questions and feel them out. Depending how I feel after they I will sometimes have them sign a STR agreement and get the names and contact info for the guest.