Airbnb Business Plan

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Sorry but this is my first post, I am looking for information of a example Business Plan or Pitch Deck for a Airbnb Rental business. So that I can get funding I am currently in the Oklahoma City area, but plan to work in Houston, TX also

When looking for information pertaining to short term rentals, it works best to post in the forum designed for short term rentals. Moved.

Hi Will,
yes I’m about to close on it, it’s in Capitol Hill. Do you offer showing and putting tenants in service? 

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@My Nguyen do you have some multi family properties in OKC you’re renting or selling?


I do my STRs to refinery workers.  There are some refineries in the OKC area and a buttload of them around Houston.  They just need a place to drink beer, cook food, do laundry, shower and sleep.  I provide all that and more in an environment that looks like Hugh Hefner himself decorated it.