Meridian, Idaho Airbnb?

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Does anyone here do Airbnb in Meridian, Idaho?  What is your experience for occupancy rates and nightly rates throughout the year?  We enjoy the culture and life in Boise/Meridian, and are considering airbnb as an option.

While I don't currently operate any, I am planning on it in the near future (West Boise though, so YMMV).  I found a great site for analytics regarding Airbnbs/STRs called  It's got some info available for free, but the real value is their paid service. Might be worth checking out if you're planning on STR as a business model in the future, beyond just 1-2 units.

@Greg Fyfe   Do you already have a rental property in Meridian, or do you plan on buying/renting a property in order to make it into Airbnb?

@Adam Fleck, thanks for the insight into - definitely an awesome resource.  I did get some analytics from, but I was hoping to see if I could verify the info as listed on the website.

@Paul Sandhu, I am looking at buying a property and considering both rentals or Airbnb in Meridian