Managing STR in Tybee Island, GA Area

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Hi to all of my helpful and motivated BP team members. I am creating a plan to remotely manage a small 1 bed 1 ba in Tybee Island. The unit is hardly 500 sq ft. I am located in Charlotte and this is going to be my first experience with STR. I don't want to incur the management fee expense at least for the initial few months. Thus trying to figure out how can this be done in the least expensive and most effective way possible. I am planning to use technology for managing the entry/exit of guests with digital door locks and door Cameras. Need help with finding a reliable cleaning company which does the cleaning/restocking, and some kind of hands/eyes on the ground which can just go there and take care of things in case of emergency, for example, the door is not opening for guests or the door is left open or something like that. I don't want to pay a flat 20% to a management company. Thus some sort of contacts in Tybee that can help me with Adhoc stuff.

Any advice on how to manage this remotely will be truly truly appreciated.

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Hey @Lakhan Khushalani , you are on the right track and I am pretty sure you will decide to just keep managing it yourself once you get your systems in place.

Do a search on various topics and you will find a ton of info.

We manage our lake house from about 360 miles away and it has been great for 4 years now. I am sorry I can't help with a recommendation on a cleaner, but I am sure there will be quite a few in that area.

I might take you a few trys to find a great cleaning service, but once you do that is the hardest part.

Many people use smart locks. I still use a lockbox. It has never failed or need batteries replaced.

I do use wifi thermostats, wifi water heater and exterior cameras.

Congrats! Just use the "Search" box here on forums and you'll get everything you need. Thats how I got started when I knew nothing about this business. Everything from "Do you have a keurig?" to "Whats the worst crime committed in your STR?"

An entire library of info over many years of entries!

Best of luck!

Hey Lakhan! Two Maids and a Mop cleans my friend's STR Airbnb on Tybee Island and have done a fantastic job. I also live in this area if you ever need help with your property. PM me if I can be of any help for you!

We have 2 STRs on tybee.  They are single family homes with pools so our maintenance needs are quite high at times.   If you find any reliable maintenance please share as this has been the biggest challenge on Tybee.