Transitioning from LTR to STR: Help me please

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Hey everyone. I am planning on switching my Long term rental into STR. Its in a location close to hospitals, medical schooling, and in a gentrifying area. I bought it as a long term but knew if needed I could switch into STR

My question is: What advice would you give me as a new STR strategy? AND what are MUST HAVES for your AirBNB? Any specific phone apps?

Thanks and I appreciate ALL advice

Fyi: This is a duplex Side-by-side

Get a good PMS that allows you to automate messages. There’s no right answer just whichever you like best. Smartbnb, your porter, hostfully, owner Rez just to name a few popular ones. I’d also recommend adding a pricing tool like pricelabs, wheelhouse, or beyond pricing. Those 2 items alone will make the transition a lot easier.

Bedrooms with furniture and linens.  Kitchen with all appliances and utensils. Cleaning supplies. Vacuum cleaner. Washer dryer and laundry detergent.  Cable wifi and a smart tv.  Living room furniture.  Gas or charcoal grill.  Artwork with a common theme. They just need to bring their clothes and groceries, everything else should be there.  For your furniture and appliances, buy from estate auctions.  For your linens, pots & pans, cleaning supplies; just buy from Wal Mart.  I've got 83 beds in 23 STRs.  Stay away from vacationing people.  Rent to people with a per diem (nurses, traveling workers, visiting professors, witness protection program enrollees).  Learn how to fix/replace things like toilets, garbage disposers, dryers, washers, hot water tanks, light fixtures.  Get a basic understanding of plumbing, electricity and carpentry. 

Develop your 3M talent.  Mechanic, Magician, Mindreader.

If you're going to rent to medical professionals, put blackout shades in the bedrooms for those who work at night and sleep during the day.  Nightstand (some now have charging stations) and lamp on both sides of the bed.  

Schlage Encode works well and connects to WiFi to change your codes. (If needed) August works well also. There are many options. Just pick one, there no wrong answer.