FLORIDA STR,Palm Coast and Orlando

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can someone please educate me. Im looking at Palm Coast area and Kissimmee FL for STR, i know it is completely different areas, but Kissimee is so close to the parks and Palm Coast does not really have any attractions to bring people in. Why rates per night at Orlando area so much less then Palm Coast and house market is very comparable. Thanks so much

@Marina Condon that’s easy to explain…

Orlando will have year around tourists non dependent to much on season like the beach will…

Your months will be the summer in palm coast…

Also as everyone else says it all about supply and demand!

If you have any more questions… feel free to dm me I am located in Orlando… very close to Kissimee

@Marina Condon ..looks like the answers are consistent here. Depending on what type of property you are looking at (condo, townhouse or single family) There is an enormous supply of condos and towns. If you look into bigger single family in the resort/vacation communities, that is where you will separate yourself.

Getting into a 5-9 bedroom home can significantly decrease the supply aspect in Orlando. They do very well and there are much less of them. Plus you can put game rooms, themed bedrooms etc to make yours pop even more. Having a great PM or personal knowledge of how to market these and not be strangled by people slashing rates to be competitive and fill the units will make a big difference too.