Preventative pest controls for Airbnb

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Hi, STR investors

Just curious what kind of services and how frequent you all order for preventative pest control at your short-term rentals? Tenants just messaged saying that they spot a big roach in the house. I just had pest control company sprayed the house three weeks ago. The house is old and was neglected by previous long-term tenants. 

Any inputs will be appreciated!


@Leon Lee

We own an STR in the desert on a golf course. At the beginning, I noticed a lot of pests around the property (scorpions, spiders, beetles etc). We hired a pest control company that comes out once a month to spray the property. It's helped out a ton and we haven't had problems. If your having issues with pests, I'd definitely recommend getting this service. We pay $37/month.

Mine sprays monthly and treats for stupid carpenter bees 2x per year. (Cabin issues)

These things happen. Unless it happens multiple times in a row I wouldn’t be too concerned about it, but obviously assist the guest while they are staying. Could just be a rogue roach.

To go above and beyond you can request your pest company to make an extra trip while the guest are still there. Might cost you $40, but could save a good review. If they do make sure you tell them to ask the tech not to speak with the guests and only report any issues to you. Just in case they do actually find some nasty stuff.

Get yourself an RUP license (Restricted Use Pesticide).  It takes about 2 hours to read the book and an hour to take the exam.  You can do this through your states extension office.  The extension office might also be known as the Farm Bureau or Health and Environment office.

@Leon Lee You might inspect the exterior for rotted wood, cracks, holes, anywhere bugs can get in. if they get in after spraying you might have a dead roach, which isn't that much better than at live one.

Beg Bug Mattress covers. I would highly highly recommend these for all beds at the property and potentially an annual bed bug inspection. 
You want to kill your vacation rental's performance? Have one guest leave reviews about bed bugs.