Best areas for short term rentals on Florida gulf

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I'm looking to pick up some short-term rental properties in Florida, along the gulf coast. Would love to hear from any of you where you have been successful with AirBnB or VRBO along the gulf coast of Florida. Thanks!

Looking in that area too. Just came back from 2 weeks down there, it's fantastic. 

I've only got data for Destin but you can DM me if you wanna chat about it.

Destin and PCB are hot right now and great markets. In between the two are the super expensive places like Rosemary Beach & Watersound. Not sure if they cash flow as well and your price point is significantly higher. You also have to watch for warrantable vs. non-warrantable if looking for a condo. Decent financing difference between the 2.

@Casi Long

Bought in Miramar Beach which is next to Destin.  Super profitable.  Be prepared to get out bid on a few properties.  Be selective on what you want to do.  It’s easy to get caught up on bidding too high when you keep getting caught in multiple offers.

Okaloosa Island, Destin, Miramar Beach, 30A (Santa Rosa Beach / Dune Allen / Blue Mountain Beach / Grayton Beach / Seaside / WaterColor / Seagrove / Seacrest / Rosemary Beach / Inlet Beach) and Panama City Beach are all great for short term rental investment.  Some are better than others if strictly investment.  Others are better for the investors who plan to turn into a second home some years down the road.  Feel free to reach out if you ever need a revenue potential analysis for a specific property in the area.  

Also, if you aren't already connected with a local realtor who is in tune with the market I would recommend connecting with @Matt 'Roar' Gardner or @Avery Carl .  You can't go wrong either way and the market is moving so fast you will need someone who is in the loop for pocket listings.

@Casi Long - I think you'll find out quickly that this area is a stellar market for the short term rental space! There are plenty of success stories that you can read throughout bigger pockets. As an agent and investor in the area, I can share plenty of personal and client successes from the low-end $200K condo all the want to the $2M+ luxury STR. You can really cash flow across the board here :) Best of luck!