Vacation rental question

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Depending on how many you have you may be able to convince Host GPO to allow you into their system. If approved they have substantial discounts with a variety of vendors. Otherwise Amazon and Walmart will be your friends

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Estate auctions.  That's where I get my furniture and appliances for under $1000 for a 3 bedroom house.  All the small things like cookware, linens, soap I get from Wal Mart.  But I don't rent to vacationing people.  I rent to refinery ruffians.  Big burly guys that drive jacked up 4x4s, smell like diesel fuel, chew tobacco for breakfast and have neck tats.  Hey, that describes me.  Except for the neck tats.

Hey @Amanda Salovitch , I agree with many of the comments here. But remember, cheap equals crappy guests.

By using Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp etc, you can find great deals on USA made furniture at pennies on the dollar. For example our home is fully furnished from the above sites. The only new things we bought were the mattress and linens as well as most items in the kitchen.

Nearly every piece is made in the USA. Broyhill, Thomasville, Ethan Allen etc. All of them are high quality and will last much longer than a new piece bought from Wayfair or Walmart. All of our stuff still looks great after 5 years of guests.

Some of the things in our house were custom made locally and we have a traditional Mexican hutch that is quite wonderful and very well made (rustic though).

The dining room set cost $125. Each bed cost less than $100 each. The most expensive items were the hid-a-bed couch at $300 (it is a La-Z-Boy) and the convertible 3-1 gaming table (can't remember the brand but USA made).

If you are diligent and have some time, you can really score some great deals and make the new place look great!

Ikea, Goodwill, second hand furniture stores, craigslist. If you buy used furniture you can negotiate a lower price if you buy sets of furniture, or enough furniture per room. Also if you buy used furniture you can hire someone to come out and professionally clean it.