New guy here from Central Alabama

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Hey guys my name is Jamarr. I’m fairly new to investing in real estate I’ve done a few little things over the years (three fix and flips) but I want to really get into buy and hold real estate. I’m looking in the Jasper, al area but currently live in Gardendale. I love talking real estate with like mind people and I’m really wanting to take that next step this year. I have learned a lot from bp by just reading and listening to the podcasts now look forward to interacting in the forums. Thanks Jamarr.

Good evening Jamar,

Welcome to the forums!

It sounds like you're ready to get out there and connect with people to help you build that portfolio.

BP meetups are great... you can also find local events on Check out Facebook for local real estate groups and if there is none of its kind, make your own!

We created a local meet-up in our area and its lead us to create a FB group and local community. The best part about attending these groups is you can potentially find the mentors and accountability partners that will push you towards your goals to see YOU win!

Set up keyword alerts in your settings... set up alerts for "Jasper Alabama" and "Gardendale" and any topic you want to be alerted about once mentioned.

Best of luck to you!


From what I know, you live in a good area to buy rentals. Birmingham may be a good area for you to invest also. I love how the downtown is getting cleaned up.    

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