Alabama Tax Auction Postponement?

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As of March 18, 2020, there are no current plans to postpone any of the Alabama county tax auctions.  Shelby County goes out first on April 1 with its tax lien auction. The largest volume is in Jefferson County (both Birmingham and Bessemer divisions) on May 19 with its tax certificate auction. Both say they are still on schedule. That could change. As I get new information, or if anyone else gets FIRM info (not hearsay) please let us all know.

Alabama Department of Revenue Land Sales Division is still operating with full staff, although some are working from home. Their problem is not COVID-19, but the firestorm of price requests from wholesalers hoping to tie up a property on a 20-day price quote, and then attempt to find a buyer.  Average price quote volume for tax certificates and tax deeds combined used to be 1,200 per month. As people (not me) started teaching classes about how to turn in hundreds of price requests at a time with attempted flips, volume skyrocketed to an average of 15,000 per month. Last month, they received 23,000 requests.  ADOR personnel cannot possibly process that many, and are working on solutions to trim out the people asking for price quotes "on a wing and a prayer." Those are my words, not theirs:)

I want to become better versed on tax auctions. Are there any resources you could forward so I can educate myself further on the subject. You've helped me before and want to say thanks again, tumultuous times but property under rehab now. Thanks again  

@Regionald Withers, you should read all of my blog and forum posts on BP, plus there are resources on my website, at