Full time job next summer

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Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone is looking to a hire a college graduate for next summer? I finish school next summer and I’m trying to network my way into finding a job. My interests in real estate are fix and flip as well as buying and holding. If anyone knows of anything please feel free to message me on this thank you so much!

Hey Dylan,

I don't think you gave anyone on here a clear understanding of the specific position you are looking for or at least what it is you offer and what is your expected compensation. Just some feedback to perhaps give you a better shot at a response from others on here. Best of luck!

Hi Dylan,

Please hear this as my effort in helping you land an awesome job next summer.

REI's are looking to make more money. More money comes from more deals, more money per deal, and reduced time in finding deals. If you help, for example, a rehabber, get more projects or more money per project or help them spend less time finding a project, they will hire you instantly.

Ever see those bandit signs, "We buy houses?" Call those numbers and tell them you want to be their grunt. You'll help them (a) find more deals by door knocking or cold calling, (b) you'll help them find better contractors at lower prices, and/or (c) you'll save them time by doing grunt work they don't have time to get done. You'll be their assistant.

TL;DR sell your ability in helping the investor make more money. If you can do that, they'll mentor/train/educate/coach you forever.

Excited to see you make it big!

@Gabe Amedee yeah I’m aware. Last time my post got taken down since I gave too much information so I wasn’t trying to do that. And I’m trying to start off in “fix and flip” so I’m hoping to find a mentor I can work under right now.

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