Land & Mobile/Manufactures in the Verde Valley/Cottonwood

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Hi everyone,

I'm a wholesaler from Cottonwood, AZ. I worked mainly all throughout the Verde Valley and nearby areas. I sometimes come across raw land, land with utilities in place, land with old mobile or manufactures homes. I am experienced in SFR or stick-built as they call it around here, but not sure what to do with these other types of deals, or how to work these deals.

Wether is wholesaling it, flipping it or whatever strategy there is out there for these kinds of properties, please let me know or advise. I would very much appreciate your input!

Thank you,


@Julio Vasquez

I have several mobile homes on lots as rentals. I’ve flipped mobiles or sold them on contract.

Mobiles cost a fraction of what stick built homes go for. I've purchased nice used mobiles, put them on lots and rented them for close to what a stick built of the same size would bring. The ROI and/or profit margins for renting/flipping mobiles puts most stick built real estate to shame.

Mobiles usually don’t appreciate as much as stick built but for quick flips or long term hold as rentals they’re superb.

Many investors wouldn’t agree but then they don’t have 20+ years of success doing it either :)