Show Low-Pinetop AZ Market?

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I've been thinking of buying a personal residence in the Show Low area and was just wondering if anyone was an REI in the area. Not really looking to invest yet but wanted to know what the market was like from an investment standpoint if we decide to buy a personal residence there.

Hey @Michael Zagorsky I work as a Realtor in the Pinetop/Show Low area along with the Phoenix market. I know that area very well as my Dad lives there full time. I don't have any investment properties up there at the moment, but am looking to purchase a second home/cabin and rent as a STR when it's vacant. As far as investing, that is the primary type (vacation rental) people utilize in the area. Especially Pinetop, which has a huge travel-leisure economy. Send me a message if you want to get some more information and connect.

We own a house up there and rent it out full time. There is a lot of demand and limited supply but the returns are about the same as you would find in Phoenix metro.