Arkansas Legislature considering renter's rights bill (HB1410)

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I won't get into the weeds of the bill here, but the Arkansas Legislature is considering a renter's rights bill (HB1410). The Landlord Association of Arkansas opposes the bill in its present form. You can find the bill here: HB1410 and can find information on the objections of the Landlord Association of Arkansas here: Landlord Association

I heard from a Representative this morning indicating that a less restrictive version may be considered soon.

The revised renter's rights bill is back in play (HB1410). The bill's sponsor worked with the Arkansas Realtors Association and made enough changes to get the ARA to withdraw its opposition and take the position that it neither supports nor opposes the bill. The bill needs 11 votes to get out of committee and got 10 votes on Monday. It's back on the agenda for tomorrow, March 20. If you have any interest in it, now is the time to let your representative know.