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Does anyone have any recommendations for REI clubs or meetups in the Los Angeles area. I'm looking for groups to network with that aren't predominately geared towards complete newbies or that are basically centered around a sales pitch.

I'm medium experienced investor focused primarily on rehabbing.

I have seen many groups or meetups online but am trying to narrow it down to a few of the higher quality ones.


Hey Adam,

There is a meeting that Jon Huber set up that happens fairly regularly (monthy-ish).  I haven't seen when the next one is happening, but set your Keywords to Los Angeles.


@Adam Paxton

  We do have a meetup that meets every month. We are just about to finalize a new location, as the Fairfax location was really bad when it came to parking. I can link up with you and be sure to tag you once the post is made.

Hi Jon,

@jon huber

I am interested as well...please tag me too.

I have been looking for a regular meeting to attend.

Thank you,

I'd be interested in this as well! Thanks for organizing something.

@Jon Huber , I'm interested as well. Is there a forum location where the monthly meetup info is posted?

@O'brian R 

Just trying to finalize details on the location. It has been pretty difficult getting a hold of the right people. I should know in the next day or so. I'll update this post when it finalizes

Hello Jon,

I 'm  interested as well, please tag me too. I have been looking for a regular meeting location to attend.


Id love to know of any meetings, newbie or intermediate .. thank you in advance..

@Jon Huber Are you still organizing regular meetings? I'm interested in attending.

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